Divorce And Separation

Divorce And Separation Blog Ideas

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences for families. It’s important to stay informed & get advice from experts if you’re considering divorce.

Here are some of the best divorce blogs to follow for legal, financial & emotional support. They also offer advice on co-parenting and other related topics.

Huffington Post Divorce

The Huffington Post is a website that features many of the sections you would find in a newspaper, including news, sports, health, and even books. This week, the site launched a new section called “HuffPost Divorce,” which is intended to offer advice and support for those dealing with divorce. The section will feature articles from a variety of sources, including Thrive’s own experts in the fields of divorce, finances, and parenting.

Arianna Huffington, founder of the website, has said that she hopes the new section will help people deal with the difficult situation of divorce in a way that is sensitive and compassionate. She has also said that she is hopeful that it will encourage discussion about divorce and its effects on people’s lives.

In addition to the traditional advice and tips offered by this new section, it will also include blogs from experts in the field of divorce and separation. These will include a finance expert who discusses how to protect your assets during divorce, a divorce coach who offers insights into effective communication in divorce, and a psychotherapist who offers advice on co-parenting and how to manage conflict.

The website’s goal is to provide a “fearless, fast, and highly interactive guide through the profound changes divorce brings.” It will be edited by Nora Ephron, the author of the screenplays for such movies as When Harry Met Sally and Julie & Julia. The new section was conceived of by Ephron, who is currently working on a book that will focus on her own experiences with divorce. Several other writers are also involved in the project, and it is expected to launch later this month.

Divorce Magazine

Divorce Magazine is a website that provides guidance and practical advice to help you through the divorce process. It also covers issues related to children & co-parenting. This site features articles written by experts in the field, as well as personal blogs from people who have gone through a divorce. Its blog posts are informative, insightful and inspirational.

The blog is updated often and is an excellent resource for those who are going through a separation or divorce. It covers topics ranging from how to tell your kids about the divorce to the benefits of divorce mediation. It also offers tips on dealing with finances, child custody and alimony. The website has many resources for people who are navigating the divorce process and a forum where readers can discuss their experiences.

This divorce blog is for women who are looking for tips and advice to get through a divorce. The author of the blog is a former divorcee and has been through several difficult situations. The blog is filled with honest musings that are sure to resonate with many women who are struggling with the divorce process. It is an excellent source of support for women who are reentering the dating world after a divorce.

A divorce can be a devastating experience for both the spouses and the children involved. For this reason, it’s important to find a good divorce attorney who will protect your rights. It’s also helpful to read divorce blogs so that you can understand the process and make wise decisions throughout it. These blogs can also help you connect with other divorcing couples who are experiencing similar situations.

Another great divorce resource is a website called “Divorce Adviser.” This website has articles and videos on divorce and other family law issues. You can also find information about family lawyers and divorce mediators in your area. The website is free to use and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested many relationships. In addition to the heightened quarantine restrictions, people are also facing more strained relationships because of extra marital affairs and the increased strain on their financial lives. Many people have turned to divorce as a way to end these relationships. A divorce blog can help people navigate this stressful time with ease.

The Single Mom’s Divorce Blog

Stacks of legal documents, wedding china, your ex’s collections – sorting through the emotional baggage of a divorce can be overwhelming. Super-organizer and single mom Julia Hasche offers tips and inspiration on the blog to help readers tackle this challenge. Brooke Lowrance writes with a coy irreverence in her web log that details her enchanting attempts at love while raising kids as a single mother. Her posts feature a mix of truth and humor to address subjects such as online dating and finding true love. John writes with authenticity and strength in his own blog, Complete Mother Book, where he addresses topics like matchmaking for single parents with a mix of concern and wish. He encourages others to share their personal stories and thoughts regarding solitary parenting and the quest for real love.


Divorce is an emotional and financial trainwreck for many couples. But with so much of our world moving online, it makes sense that someone would try to streamline this complicated process. Enter Wevorce, a startup that helps couples navigate their separations in a more collaborative and efficient way. It’s a six-step process that aims to reduce the need for two attorneys, which can lead to conflict and expensive legal battles.

Wevorce CEO Michelle Crosby believes that the divorce process can be a lot less painful than it is for so many families. Her company has landed some funding to help make this happen. She hopes that combining technology and social science can help people break up in a more civil way. And while the service isn’t free, she aims to keep it as affordable as possible.

The company’s service involves an online questionnaire and a series of in-person meetings with an attorney-mediator. The company uses a flat-fee model that is cheaper than traditional legal fees, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. The company also provides access to videoconferencing, which can be helpful for couples who live far away from each other.

While the company does have some hurdles to overcome, it has been growing rapidly since its launch in May of last year. Its website was featured in a New York Times story, driving a ton of traffic and an onslaught of calls from potential clients. The company has now added more staff to meet the demand.

Unlike some other online-only divorce services, Wevorce’s approach is more comprehensive. For example, they handle all the financial and emotional aspects of a divorce, not just the legal ones. They can also help you work out a plan to split your assets, including 401(k)s and pension plans.

For many couples, this could be a big relief, especially if they want to keep their kids out of the squabble. However, Covy warns that this option might not be the best for couples with an imbalance of power or a history of domestic abuse.